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Citarum Roadmap dan Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program (ICWRMIP)is an overview of strategy, planning and implementation which synergize the current situation with vision and output that we want to achieve in the future for a better integrated water resources management in Citarum. This shared vision is also known as CITA-CITARUM.

The Citarum River irrigates hundreds of thousands of hectares of rice and vegetables. It quenches the thirst of big cities like Bandung and Jakarta. It provides energy from hydropower. With a population of almost 40 million people depending upon it, the Citarum is the most important river basin in West Java province, Indonesia. But today it is a river in peril.

Economic development and population growth have harmed the health of the Citarum. Deforestation of the watershed is destroying ecosystems and causing soil erosion, siltation and flooding. Cities, communities and industries along its course treat the Citarum as a convenient sewer to dump untreated wastewater and garbage. Sadly, the Citarum is known as one of the worlds dirtiest rivers. There is no choice but to change course, to conserve and care for this precious resource -- for a better Citarum River.

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Rise Together with Citarum Trash Cooperative

Cihampelas - Sitting in the middle of piles of used plastics in a rainy day at Babakan Cianjur hamlet, Cihampelas village, West Bandung Regency (27/02/14), Atikah, Ila and Imas were busy doing their work. Their hands and fingers moved playfully, removing plastic plasters attached to large plastic sheets, sorting them out into two groups; plaster-free plastics and plastic trash. A scent of vanilla coming from the plastic piles filled the air.

Three Ministries Visit Upper Citarum Watershed

Bandung. In two days, in 5 and 6 February 2015, three ministries related to river management programs visited several areas along the upper region of Citarum watershed. The three are ministry/National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS), ministry of environment and forestry and ministry of public works.

Synergizing Citarum Recovery Through Musrenbang

Taking place at Hotel Horison Bandung, on Tuesday, 15 April 2014, an annual Multi Stakeholder Consultation Forum for Development Planning or locally called ‘Musrenbang’ (Musyawarah Perencana Pembangunan) was held to set a Regional Government Work Plan (RKPD) in West Java Province in 2015.

Post-ICWRMIP: Additional 53 Thousand Hectares of SRI Rice Field

In the 2010-2014 period, Directorate General of Agricultural Infrastructure, Ministry of Agriculture, has expanded rice plantation using a method of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) to 56,960 hectares of land in 3 districts, namely Bandung, Subang and Karawang.

Photo caption: Aming Bunyamin, a farmer facilitator in Telagamulya Village, Telagasari Sub-district, shows SRI rice plant (31/01/2012).

Facilitation Process to Open Bank Accounts

Karawang - "Sir, Is this right that your affected assets consisting of 5 square meters of terrace and 1 tree? If your answer is yes, please sign here in order to open a bank account," a facilitator named Retno told Mr. Romli, a resident of Kampung Ciherang, Wadas Village, Karawang District (26/12/13).

The Hardship of Farming in Kertasari

It was 12.30 pm when more than a dozen of middle-aged women descended through a steep hill at the slope of Mount Wayang. Their colorful plastic rain coats and cone-shaped, woven bamboo farmer hats called caping looked bright in contrast to the dark brown surroundings of vacant plantation plots.

Kertasari’s Dairy Cows Dilemma, When Job Shifting Is A Choice

As the sun was reluctant to show up that day, thin mists that came down to blanket the surroundings blurred the scattering hills around the foot of Mount Wayang. In no time rain dropped, watering every single thing on earth.

Cleaning the Citarum could boost investment returns

Cited as one of the 10 worst polluted places on earth, the Citarum River remains a significant yet toxic source of water for both the West Java capital of Bandung and Greater Jakarta, home to nearly 35 million people.

While work to clean up the river is ongoing, a new report from the World Bank’s Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) could boost those efforts, showing that long-term investments could improve the river’s water quality and bring significant returns for investors.

West Java Governor Said "We Need Help to Save Citarum"

Cianjur. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan has conceded that the provincial administration cannot work alone to clean up the Citarum River, often dubbed the world’s filthiest.

“We have been working to solve the Citarum’s problems for years and everybody claims to have the best understanding about what to do,” Ahmad said on Monday.

West Java governor: We need help to save Citarum

Cianjur. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan has conceded that the provincial administration cannot work alone to clean up the Citarum River, often dubbed the world’s filthiest, Jakarta Globe reported news.

“We have been working to solve the Citarum’s problems for years and everybody claims to have the best understanding about what to do,” Ahmad said on Monday.

W. Java to start restoring Citarum River from upstream section

The Jakarta Post - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan has called on all stakeholders to work together with the government in restoring the Citarum River following a report by an environmental organization, which listed the Citarum as one of the world’s most polluted bodies of water. The restoration program will be carried out in an integrated and systematic manner from 2014 to 2018.

Govt struggles to punish Citarum polluters

The Jakarta Post - A lack of law enforcement personnel and evidence have hampered the Environment Ministry in its attempts to solve cases of environmental damage in the Citarum River, West Java, an official at the ministry said on Thursday.

Riverboarding World C’ships starts at Citarum River

The Jakarta Post - Indonesia is hosting the first Riverboarding World Championship with some 40 participants from 10 countries competing at the Citarum River in West Java.

“The athletes will start competing on Thursday after the opening ceremony and practice session on Wednesday,” said organizing committee chairman Rahim Asyik Budi Santoso in Bantar Carining, West Bandung Regency.

“They will compete in a section of the most polluted river in the world. We must conserve the remaining usable part of Citarum.”

Citarum, Kalimantan world’s most polluted

The Jakarta Post - Citarum River in West Java and the entire island of Kalimantan are among the world’s 10 most polluted places alongside Chernobyl in Ukraine, says an annual report by environmental organization Green Cross Switzerland and international nonprofit organization Blacksmith Institute.

The report, The World’s Worst 2013: The Top Ten Toxic Threats, published on Monday, also said that around 200 million people in the world had been exposed to toxic pollution, which could lead to various health risks, including cancer.

How Far Has the 1st Phase of ICWRMIP Gone?

The first phase of Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program (ICWRMIP or Cita-Citarum) was kicked off in 2009 and is scheduled to be completed by mid 2014.

Majalaya’s Dilemma: Industry versus Waste

Majalaya Subdistrict is one of the areas under the administration of Bandung District Office. The subdistrict covers 1,519.15 hectares of land area, divided into 11 villages, 35 hamlets, 162 Community Groups (RW) and 606 Neighborhood Units (RT). According to a 2009 Survey, Majalaya had a population of 36,397 families or 126,386 people. (Source: Monograph of Majalaya Subdistrict Data, 2009). More than half of its total population work as industrial workers.

Kukuyaan Trial in Citarum

Kertasari, Bandung District – Dozens of river community activists in the city of Bandung launched a trial of a river expedition by floating with inner tubes, popularly called Kukuyaan in a local language, along the upper stream of Citarum River at the end of June (30/06/13).

Pangalengan’s Conservation Model Village

Around 30 residents of Sugihmukti Village, Pasir Jambu Subdistrict, Bandung District, attended a “Village for a Biodiversity Conservation” themed leadership course at a local village meeting hall, on Tuesday (28/5).

Forestry Ministry’s ICWRMIP Grant Program

Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation (PHKA) under the Ministry of Forestry is one of the six implementing ministries joining an Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program (ICWRMIP).


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 Public Information Booklet of The West Tarum Canal
Rehabilitation West Tarum Channel is one of the projects under the Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program / ICWRMIP conducted by the Directorate General of Water Resources (DG SDA), the Ministry of Public Works. This information booklet was updated in October 2013.
 Project 1: West Tarum Canal Rehabilitation - November 2013
The rehabilitation of the WTC is a sub-Project of the ICWRMIP – PFR1, with the Directorate General of Water Resources (DGWR), Ministry of Public Works (MPW) as the Executing Agency (EA) that has overall responsibility for ensuring the satisfactory planning and implementation of the project. The rehabilitation of WTC covers the first 54.4 km of the canal from the Curug Weir in Karawang District to Bekasi Weir in Bekasi City, through the Bekasi District. This document has been prepared as part of the updating process of the original draft Resettlement Plan which was prepared during the period from 2006 through May 2008 and approved by ADB in August 2008. The document also avaliable on the ADB’s website :
 11 Pilot Demonstration Activities (PDA) with Communities in the Upper Citarum River Basin
Under ICWRMIP program, there are 11 pilot demonstration activities carried out with communities in the upper Citarum River. These activities include the production of organic fertilizer, coffee planting for conservation, nursery crops for revegetation, organic farming, biogas using animal manure, school safety and disaster preparedness, environmental education curriculum, solid waste management, riparian reforestation, and aerial photo documentation from upstream to downstream of Citarum River Basin.
 IWRM in the Citarum River Basin
The presentation on the Citarum Roadmap and the ICWRMIP as part of integrated water resources management in the Citarum River Basin was presented in Bandung on April 12th, 2013, featuring issues and opportunities in the Citarum River Basin, the Citarum Roadmap and the progress of the ICWRMIP.
 Upper Citarum Erosion and Sedimentation, 2011 (Appendix)
Upper Citarum Erosion and Sedimentation report is an appendix to the Strategic Spatial Planning Report, (May 2012) prepared by the ICWRMIP Technical Assistance Package B (TA 7189-INO) consultant team. The report established the methodology to simulate the peak flow response (sensitivity) of catchments to changes in land-use using a GIS based approach, providing sufficient detail necessary for zoning; followed by application to the relevant catchments in the 6 Cis river basin territory, as well as preparation of zoning synthesis for the upper Citarum basin (upstream of Saguling).